2009 China International Exhibition for Gas Station Equipment & New Technologies and Non-Fuel Operations

publish at: 9/23/2009 4:03:45 PM
  • Event Details
  • When: 11/18/2009 12:00:00 AM - 11/20/2009 12:00:00 AM
  • Where: China International Exhibition Center
  • Committee: China National Petroleum Refining&Marketing Corporation
  • Tel: 86-010-84600813
  • Fax: 86-010-84600325
  • email: bingice71@163.com
  • Contact Address: CIEC service building, 6 East Beisanhuan Road Beijing100028
There are about 150 companies joined the last exhibition from home and aboard, and the area reached 8500 square meters. There were near 400 booths and more than 300 product categories including package equipment and components of gas stations, informatization management, oil & gas recycle, gas station packing, lighting and greening, product oil storage and distribution, and so on. It was more attractive for the suppliers of gas station equipment, automation management and so on. Additionally, special vehicles for brand product oil transportation also showed in the exhibition.
Exhibits Profile:

Gas station complete equipment and accessories

Oil & Gas storage complete equipment and accessories

LNG, LPG, CNG gas station complete equipment and accessories

Gas station staff labor protection and facilities

Gas station settlement system and automated administration system

Fuelling Vehicle equipment and accessories

Gas station inspection, repairing, storage and maintenance technology and equipment

Oil product blending devices and technology

Oil and gas cleaning products and equipment

Explosion proof products for oil station and bunker

Oil and gas recycling equipment and technology

Oil and gas analytical instrument

Environmental, energy saving and safe management technology and equipment

Safety precaution equipment

Consultation, design, construction, packing and products for gas station

Gas transmission station equipment

Communications and information system

Promotional oil products


Equipment and technologies of gas stations

* Package equipment and components of gas stations                 

* Oil and gas storage and transportation equipment and components.

* LNG, GPG and CNG package equipment and components of gas stations   

* Staff safety facilities of gas stations   

* Fee settlement system and automation management system in gas stations       

* Movable oil and gas filling vehicles and components

* Technology and equipment test, maintenance and storage in gas stations    

* Anti-explosion products in gas stations and gas storage 

* Oil & gas recycle equipment and technologies

* Oil & gas cleaning products and equipment                          

* Oil & gas analysis equipment

* Technologies and equipment of environmental, green and safety management              

* Station equipment in gas transmission stations

* Security equipment and emergency equipment                               

* Communication and information system

* Consulting, plan, building, packing, products and so on for gas stations     

* Checkout counters of the convenience stores, quick lunch counters, convenience store shelf, doors, aluminum alloy windows and so on.

Equipment and components for product oil storage, and transportation.

* PLC system * Level gauge * Piping centrifugal pumps  * Aluminum internal floating plates of oil tanks 

* Flammable system, alarm system *UPS   * Around-the-clock anti-fire breathing valve  * LNG, CNG transportation vehicle 

* Product oil transportation vehicle * Small distribution vehicle


The gas-fueled vehicles modification parts

* CNG steel bottle* different kinds of valves* gas cylinder regulator* spark plug* gas-fueled engine system parts* pressure gauge* sensor* special electronic parts for gas-fueled vehicles


Fuel saving products

*Different kinds of chemical fuel oil addictives, physical fuel saving parts, other fuel saving products.

Non-oil products

* Operating and service institutes of convenience stores in gas stations  *Convenience store facilities * Gas station fast food shops and equipment  *Car-washing equipment

* Car maintenance products, lubricants, various car chemicals    *Car products * Foods and food-oil of convenience stores

* Daily products * Cigarette & wine  * Books, Audio & Video Products  * Convenience Services


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